Friday, October 13, 2006

Sleeve Two

Here are some shots of the arm # 2 and my second pair of Socks for Soldiers.
arm two
Socks for Soldiers 2

Check out the three needle bind off on the shoulder. I love this bind off.

shoulder bind off


Blogger Brigitte said...

3-needle bind off is the ONLY way to go, doesn't it make everything look so neat and professional?! I love it!

13/10/06 13:52  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

I haven't done a three needle bind off yet - it looks pretty cool!

13/10/06 14:16  
Blogger Cynthia said...

wow! You're rocking right along on that second sleeve. I love the three needle bind off - it really can make things look nice.

13/10/06 15:06  
Blogger Marina said...

Good girl! I'm so proud of you. It's gorgeous.

13/10/06 15:14  
Anonymous Carrie k said...

I love the 3 needle bind off too. It looks gorgeous. (The sleeve, not just the bind off).

13/10/06 17:40  
Blogger emily said...

Whoa. I just randomly found your blog looking for people who had made The Season of Darkness & Winter Light... and there's one of my current projects staring up at me! Youre the first person Ive seen on line besides me who's knitting this! Though gotta say, I've been neglecting it a bit lately in favor of knitting some of my own designs-- though now seeing yours I miss working on mine...such awesome colors and beautiful pattern... and that yarn is gorgeous isnt it.

14/10/06 14:48  
Anonymous Liz said...

WOW, gorgeous sleeve, love the colours, the knitting looks fabulously beautiful...

15/10/06 12:36  

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