Monday, September 25, 2006

Where does the time go??

Wow! It is almost October and I have no idea where the time has gone this month! Seems like September just began. Is it like this for everyone as you get older or is this just brain cell damage from oboe playing? heh And for enquiring minds...thanks for all the lovely emails of support for the concert last weekend. It was great to hear from so many people. The concert went well and I was able to stay seated despite my claims of potentially running from the stage....besides, I as trapped within the violas anyway. The reception was far too hot for Birch, however...alas...maybe next time.

sock wars logo
My Socks of Doom are ready for Sock Wars!!! Prepare to be eliminated my pretty! I know. They don't really LOOK like socks of doom, do they? aww need to send ugly, is there? Started on Friday afternoon as you can just barely tell from the monitor and finished on Sunday afternoon.
Socks of DOOM!!!
Here is a little update on Season of Darkness and Winter Light
SoDaWL-part II
as well as Elizabeth I.
Elizabeth I in VY driftwood

Rhinegold is actually getting some work done as well. Marina is making so much sleeve progress and I feel horribly guilty for not finishing my projects witing in the wings. Guilt seems to be a good motivator for me, much as I detest admitting to it.


Blogger Marina said...

Can't see how much you've done on Season of Darkness and Winter Light, but looks like you did quite a bit on Elizabeth. And a pair of socks in two days? I'm impressed.

Just think how much of Luskentyre or Rheingold would be done if you knitted as many stitches on them!

If guilt works then, you might like to know that Francoise ( ) has finished her Luskentyre!

25/9/06 15:30  
Anonymous Jodie said...

I'm on my last toe. I hope I get them off in time to not be eliminated. Your socks are beautiful.

25/9/06 22:05  
Blogger Brigitte said...

Wheee! Good for you, it's all looking great! Love the colour of those socks.

I'm so looking forward to seeing a completed Season of D/L!

26/9/06 05:08  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

Oh, those all look so great! I've really got to finish knitting these darn mittens and back to my selfish knitting.

That color is a really gorgeous one for Eliz. And SoD& pretty.....must not leave work...

26/9/06 15:43  
Blogger DeeAnn said...

Gorgeousness! Luskentyre is feeling jealous but you've got great progress on Liz.

So good to hear everything went so well with the concert, congrats!

26/9/06 17:38  
Blogger monica said...

to be killed by socks like those is a very happy death! you sure are quick... i'm expecting them to land on my desk at work any day now... although i am hoping to get mine sent off before they do so you don't have to finish my knitting.

26/9/06 18:05  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Beautiful Socks of Doom ;o) You whipped those right out!

Everything is looking gorgeous :o)

28/9/06 16:14  
Blogger lexa said...

Socks of Doom are everywhere! I'm glad I'm not in Sock Wars just because I am positive I'd be killed off already!

28/9/06 17:06  
Blogger vanessa said...

how do you like the vy 2 ply for elizabeth?

29/9/06 05:41  
Blogger Teri said...

Congratulations on a might swift finish on your Socks of Doom! It's so much fun to watch all those lovely socks simply flying off all the needles. Good luck in the war!

29/9/06 06:13  
Blogger Cynthia said...

I wasn't brave enough for Sock Wars - been having fun watching everyone crank through those socks though!

SDWL is lovely and so is Eliz I. Can't wait to see more.

29/9/06 07:49  
Blogger mehitabel said...

Wow, that's some great progress! And your Birch is all done, and looking beautiful--I'm still wrestling with mine! Great progress on the Sock Wars, too--it will be fun to see how far along you get!

29/9/06 15:53  

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