Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Wow! Look at that. How long has it been since I have posted? It is embarrassing. Is there anybody still left out there?

Today we are expecting an ice storm. Expecting. Waiting. Wondering. It is almost 4 pm and school was called off. Yet...no ice. And barely any rain. What that meant to me was a day of reed making and knitting (yea)....oh who are we kidding? I knit and gouged a few pieces of cane in the mean time. LOL Perhaps there will be ice for tomorrow.......heh heh.

Here are a couple of things I have been working on. A test knit that is so sorely overdue she has given up on me. So that's it for me and test knits. At least around the holidays. Musician. What was I thinking? So sorry about that one. It was still a pleasant knit and I do like it. Interesting texture that I normally would not do, but it turned out well.

Cable/Rib Cardigan by Gayle Bunn. It is on the wooly board right now awaiting my button choice. I came home with three choices. Why I cannot make the decision at the fabric store I do not know. But I know this. Whatever I choose there will be the wrong one. It never fails. Anyhow, I really enjoyed knitting this one. My knitting time has been limited and it was still a very fast knit for that time frame.

Celtic by Martin Storey, that genius. I love this thing. Rowan Felted Tweed. I have never used it before but I like the feel of it. Especially after the Jamiesons's Aran in the Cable/Rib. It was harsh, but it will soften a little and for cables like that I will make exceptions. :0)

So who got to see the inauguration????? Wasn't it moving? I was really happy to see how many people were there and how moved the country is to have a bit of change. Did you see/hear the music? Wow, what a piece??? John Williams arrangement? Man, oh, man. Itzak Perlman will actually be coming to East Texas Symphony in April. I will get TO SHARE A STAGE WITH ITZAK PERLMAN!!!!!!! If I don't pass out when he walks on.......but that would technically still be a shared stage, right? I am there...he is there.......we have our instruments.......just one of us happens to be passed out unconscious on the floor. (me)


Anonymous Carrie K said...

Nice cables!

I watched the whole Inauguration last Tuesday. I did give up around the 4th ball but it was amazingly moving.

27/1/09 16:31  
Blogger Tonya said...

You're so funny! School was canceled for me to and I did absolutely nothing productive today, except cook. I learned to make some Indian dishes from a new cookbook and oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh is it yummy. You're going to have to come eat with me soon.

27/1/09 18:34  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Very pretty knits!

I watched the whole inauguration and yes, it was very moving. I also wanted to hit Justice Roberts with something big and heavy for being an idiot but oh well... ;o)

Good luck with your concert! That's so cool!

28/1/09 08:47  
Blogger Lupie said...

Your Cable/Rib Cardigan is just amazing!

4/3/09 02:38  

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