Sunday, March 04, 2007

"What's Cookin'?"

That's what my brother always asks me. Knowing my lack of culinary skills he isn't usually asking what is in the oven or on the stove.'s not exactly a lack thereof....just not a burning desire to make use of the limited skills I possess. Unless we are talking baking....and chocolate....and butternut squash. Not necessarly in combination......but it makes me wonder....

Anyway, to what's cookin'. I recently let you all in on the bead knitting I have fallen in love with. I have been in touch with Herma of Kralenwerk in the Netherlands. She has been pointing me in the right direction with books, supplies and a little encouragement to get started. She has an online shop with everything one needs to knit beads. Look at this beautiful coffee table book she has on her site.

It has a great deal of history and some gorgeous patterns in it. It is written in German but is out of print. Turns out that most of this traditional knitting of beadwork comes from the Netherlands, but also from near the area in Germany where V. comes from. Isn't that interesting? I would never have known that had I not started reading this book. They apparently produced these beads in the 19th and 20th centuries around that area. I would suspect that many of the beads that came to North America for trade with Native Americans came from this area...but I haven't confirmed it. Just a suspicion.

Sock knitting continues.....

it is a constant these days along with whatever other knitting seems to be catching my divided attention at the moment. Birch is moving along and will be done soon. Just in time for the last subscription concert in April, I hope. It's Beethoven 3!!!!! Whhhhheeeee! Eroica!!!!! I have been waiting all year to play this one with this orchestra. I have played it twice previously, but never with this group.

Last weekend I played up in a small town north of here. Here are some of us between rehearsals having dinner. I am behind the camera, you see. ;0)

On the drive up we encountered a dust storm. I had seen them before in New Mexico, but never here. You could see the sky begin to turn yellow and before long the dust came in. At first a little...

Then a LOT!!!

I started panicking seeing visions of pile-ups dancing in my head. One of my passengers mentioned quietly that we COULD slow down if I wanted........oh yeah. Of course. Take your foot OFF of the accelerator, dumb$%#S!!!

I finally also finished spinning and plying the Platinum from mama-E. Here it is in all of it's glory.

I haven't figured yardage yet, but I think I will try something lacy. It is merino and no socks here. I made some socks last year with a 100% merino wool and ran holes in them the second wearing. The pattern was fairly intricate. :0(

So, did you guys see that Ennio Morricone got an honorary Academy Award!!!!!! I was so thrilled for him. His music is just marvelous and I don't believe he has been recognized nearly enough for his work. If you haven't heard Gabriel's out and buy the Mission soundtrack right now. Go on...I'll wait! It is a heartwrenchingly beautiful short piece that many of you may have heard at the 911 memorial when it was televised. Yeah, I am biased because it is an oboe....but still! It's too good not to mention.

And another work week begins.....


Anonymous Jodie said...

Did you live in New Mexico? I grew up in Albuquerque.

Ah, the after concert take over the restaurant picture. I know those well.

Can't wait to see more pics of the bead knitting.

4/3/07 20:05  
Blogger Marina said...

Gosh, some of those beaded bags are gorgeous! I will not fall for this ;-) I just need to keep remembering that I can't manage dpns, especially those that skinny!

5/3/07 05:07  
Blogger Kate said...

I agree - Ennio Morricone - he is an absolute genius and he should have received an Oscar for "The Mission". I think his forte is the trumpet solo but he can make any instrument sound heartwrenchingly beautiful.

5/3/07 18:42  
Anonymous beyonce said...

oh my god, I cant believe the dust. !!!!!!!!!!! it blew through dallas too, but not like THAT. I would have been panicking.

6/3/07 06:14  
Blogger DeeAnn said...

Ok, slowing down really seemed like a good idea ;-) Wow!

Those beaded creations are beautiful, but with those tiny tiny needles I just salute you!

And how exactly do you manage to make reeds look so much like intriquing art?? I mean the platinum handspun is just divine (and how many yards was that?? ;-) but you are making me want a library/music room with instrument parts, just facinating.

8/3/07 22:49  

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