Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Look who's come out of hiding....


Season close-up

it's the Season of Darkness and Winter Light. Trying to get her finished, but I fear it is too late for this season anyway. Nevertheless, it is a design I am eager to wear. I am on the second half, but will still have cabled cuffs and bands to go once I get this done.

I am working on some new socks out of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport. The design is called Rainy Day Socks and I found it at Magknits. I changed the cast on #'s quite a bit as I wanted the fabric knit a lot tighter than what it called for. I used 72 instead of 48 and am using much smaller needles. I like the way it is turning out so far. Pics to come as soon as there is something interesting to see. :0)

A little more spinning happening at chez sillyewe as well. This is from Somerhill Farm in Ohio.

It is a gorgeous shade of orange with a touch of fire engine red occasionally. It is from her Bluefaced Leicester flock. I ordered a ton of it and I am very glad about that. I intend to use it for something special......just not sure what yet....

As promised....more pics of birch. This is such a girlie shade of pink.



NOW FOR THE BEST NEWS OF ALL!!! I told you about the soldier in Iraq I have corresponded with??? remember...two entries or so ago? I got word today that he is going home!!! I am so thrilled for him! Congrats, Chuck! I know you and your unit and your families are ecstatic! I have so enjoyed getting to know you. Have a safe journey and I hope this will be a wonderful new chapter of your life adventure. Thanks for bestowing your friendship and sharing your knowledge.


Blogger Brigitte said...

Hey, that is great news for Chuck!

It may be too late this season, but whenever you do get to wear it - it'll be fantastic! I so love that design! Have you seen the new Rheingold colourway up on VY?

15/3/07 07:40  
Blogger Marina said...

Well, hello, long time no see ;-) You're looking as gorgeous as ever. Tell your knitter to come up here. After a couple of downright warm days, they're calling for flurries tonight ::: roll eyes :::

15/3/07 16:38  
Blogger Michelle said...

Beautiful knitting....and yay for Chuck! :)

15/3/07 16:41  
Blogger vanessa said...

wow! love all the photos!
fantastic news about chuck!

17/3/07 03:25  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

That's great news about Chuck!

I so love that sweater. It's postively glorious.

Driving fast in a dust storm? NO! lol.

That bead book and the history are fascinating! So. Cool.

18/3/07 17:36  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Yay for Chuck!

Good to see you :o)

20/3/07 13:37  

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