Thursday, February 02, 2006


So, as you can see from the sidebar, I have joined a few Knitalongs and such. I have already met so many new people and I am having a blast.

Can't wait to send my Sockapalooza Pal her pair, but that won't happen until May. I do know that we have very similar tastes in yarn, tho. Saw it on her blog last night, but I don't have the evidence on no hints there. Muuuaaahaaahhaaa! Trying to decide whether or not to do the Knitting Olympics...what d'ya think?

I have also started a design for the Red Hot Sizzling Socks. No, I won't show it yet...too embarrassing. You will see it soon enough. I did buy the yarn yesterday.... :0)......on the way home from playing at a fund raiser in the city for the symphony. My, oh, my....what a lovely home it was. I am pretty sure the floor in the main room alone cost more than my entire house. Wow!!! But, it was indeed fun and the other two members of the trio I am in are just fantastic and humbling musicians. I am always in awe of them playing music with them. Love you guys!

Then there is the Six Sox Knitalong. Great design this month. I can hardly wait to get started on it, too. I have a pair of socks on the needles that I hope to finish this weekend, and then all the fun will begin. I like to refer to them as the Ugly Socks. I seem to have lost one of my rosewood 2.5mm sock needles, tho. Da%8m!!!! I am sure it is Karma for calling them ugly. I hate an incomplete set. I mean REALLY HATE an incomplete set. I *think* I am obsessive when it comes to knitting. I THINK. ;0)


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