Saturday, January 21, 2006

Better things to do on a Saturday...

Or do I? I just spent the better part of a Saturday removing glue from our glass "screen" front door. You might ask why. You might be right to wonder why there was even glue on glass in the first place. I did....for the better part of a Saturday, as I removed it. It seems that a previous idio..umm....home owner put window tint on the door. Backwards. All fine and good and could be left alone. Unless you are me and scare yourself sh&*@ess each and every time you open the door to get mail and find you are faced with someone standing at your door straing at you. You go into fight or flight mode. Until you realize gasping for air that it is in fact YOU. Yes, I really am that stupi..uh...I mean forgetful.

So my secret pal has written me several times now. I am really having fun getting to know her and guess where she is located......although...after my last guess I haven't heard from her...........Good Lord. I hope I haven't frightened her away. How can you be frightened of someone that is literally scared of her own reflection??? Naaawww, she probably just actually has a life. But seriously, she is looking to be a great pal. I hope all in this exchange are as lucky. :0)

Not much going on in the knitting front I am afraid. Back to the old grind of making know. To buy yarn. I finished another pair of those da%&*n soul-sucking wrist-warmers, and now I must begin again on my WIP. I am hoping to join a KAL on Mara from Scottish Collection soon. I know, I know....I have no business doing it. But I am hoping that just the thought of it will get me going on my others. Yep. A jumpstart. Just like my vacation did. I think most of my packing space was filled with WIP and good intentions....a space that remanied the same there and back I might add. EXACTLY the same But this time I MEAN IT. I am going in there and knitting....right a minute. Did I tell ya I got a new camera? No, no no, I am NOT trying to change the subject. Ok, I 'm going. Right now. In a minute.


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